The Lifelong Project Podcast

Vampire Management: Why Your Job Sucks

October 29, 2018

Happy Halloween - a special edition of The Lifelong Project podcast... it's spooky!

I’m a vampire and I’m your manager. I'd rather drink your blood than coffee. Your job sucks because you work for me. For years I’ve owned you, controlled you, and made your life miserable, but not anymore. I’m retiring and I’m sharing some secrets that just might get me killed. I don’t care – I’m dead already.

Vampires rule over corporate fiefdoms and control workers by the minute. You know you’re working for a vampire when your manager doesn’t care about your goals, your family life, and the misery you endure just to do your job. If you hate your job because of your manager, your coworkers, or because you can’t afford to quit you’re probably working for a vampire.

My book, Vampire Management, is on Amazon.

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